Thursday, February 14, 2013

FluentPS 2.2 Released

Hi! Last week we've released the new version of FluentPS and FluentSP library. As always, you can get it from
Below is the list of major improvements we've done:

FluentSP library

  • SharePoint 2013 support (FluentSP15 library) built for Microsoft.Net 4.0 platform
  • Mapping of different field types for SharePoint List Items i.e. user, single/multiple value choice, DBC fields etc.
  • Improved LINQ for querying SharePoint lists. Now you can get list items with more complex expressions which will be translated to CAML query. Sample expressions:
    listItemService.GetAll(_ =>
        new List<string> { "note1", "note2" }.Contains(_.NoteField)
        || _.TextField.Contains("sometext"));

FluentPS library

  • Project Server 2013 support (FluentPS15 library) built for Microsoft.Net 4.0 platform
  • Cover PSI methods for accessing Portfolio Analysis, Resource Plans and most of Project Server settings

Have fun!


  1. Can i edit or create entries on Enterprise Calendar using this API?

  2. Hi! There is only a limited functionality covered in PSCalendarService class so far. You can only read and delete enterprise calendars with our api.