Thursday, July 19, 2012

Swtching Security Mode in Project Server 2013 Preview (On-premise)

As you know, by default Project Server 2013 has the SharePoint  permission mode which is simplified if we compare it with Project Server mode. Some users, might benefit from it, some more advanced users might want to switch back to Project Server mode.

There is an article on TechNet how to change

You have to run a powershell command - Set-SPProjectPermissionMode 

Switching from SharePoint to Project Server mode:

Set-SPPRojectPermissionMode –Url http://projectserver2013/pwa -AdministratorAccount fluentpro\sp-farmadmin -Mode ProjectServer

Switching from Project Server to SharePoint mode:

Set-SPPRojectPermissionMode –Url http://projectserver2013/pwa -AdministratorAccount fluentpro\sp-farmadmin -Mode SharePoint

Replace http://projectserver2013/pwa with you PWA URL and fluentpro\sp-farmadmin with your domain name \ user name.

Why there is no switch in UI as in Project Online? I have no idea, but this would be a good suggestion to Microsoft to add this into Central Administration in PWA settings.



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