Monday, February 22, 2010

SharePoint Server and Project Server 2010 Configuration

In the previous post we described SharePoint Server 2010 and Project Server 2010 installation process step-by-step and pointed out some potential issues you might encounter. Once you’ve got these two products installed in the server farm complete configuration you might have noticed that it’s still nothing been made related to SQL Server databases and nothing’s yet been configured.

In this post we will show how to configure SharePoint Server 2010 application, how to activate necessary services and create a PWA site.

SharePoint Server 2010 configuration.

Once Project Server 2010 installation is complete you’re prompted to run the SharePoint Products Configuration Wizard by leaving the corresponding check box in a checked state and pressing “Close” button. If for some reason you left the item unchecked or put off the product configuration you can easily launch it again at “Start -> Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Products –> SharePoint 2010 Products Configuration Wizard”.

By pressing the “Next” button some services are going to be will be restarted.

Next step choose “Create a new server farm” and press “Next”:

Next step you’ll be prompted to set an SQL Server instance name, SharePoint configuration database name and SQL Server account to proceed under:

Type a passphrase:

You could specify a port for a SharePoint Central Administration Web Application and change an authentication provider to Negotiate (Kerberos), but we would leave default settings:

The next step is a review of the settings to be applied:

Press the “Next” button to start configuration off:

Press the “Finish” button. IE will open SharePoint Central Administration page:

Creating a PWA site.

You'll be prompted to start a wizard to configure your SharePoint farm. You will need to choose which services will run in your farm. One of these is going to be Project Server Service Application.

You’re also prompted to choose existing managed account or create a new one. The account that is going to be specified with be used for “SharePoint - 80” and “SharePoint Central Administration v4” application pools.

Press “Next” button to activate chosen services.
Once the services are activated go to Central Administration -> Manage Service Applications -> Project Server Service Application.

In order to create a PWA site click “Create Project Web App Site” link.

Next step prompts you to choose PWA settings: hosting SharePoint Web Application, Project Web App path, Administrator account, DB names etc. Click “OK” and wait for PWA site to get created.

We noticed from time to time PWA creating fails, in most cases the “Retry” link helps.

When the PWA is created it becomes accessible at “http://servername/pwa”. If you would like it to be accessed at “http://localhost/pwa“ as well you should define an alternative URL at “Central Administration -> Application Management -> Configure alternate access mappings” section.

The last thing that should be done is changing the farm admin account. After installation the farm account is the same as the account you’re accessing the PWA site, you could notice that your name is “System Account” on the PWA site under. Changing the farm account “fixes” this and eventually PWA is going to recognize you correctly.

Proceed to “Central administration -> Security -> Configure service accounts”. Expand the dropdown “Select an account for this component”: if the account you need is not listed you should register it by clicking “Register new managed account”. Select “Farm account” from the dropdown at the top right corner; select the appropriate account below and then press OK button.


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