Monday, February 1, 2010

PS Project Workflow - InfoPath form usage

There is a way to store any xml-formed data as a metadata of a Workflow Association based on Project Workflow Template. It can be useful in case of dynamic building of the workflow, or if the business rules can be managed by one workflow template with different initial arguments. For this purpose it is possible to use workflow’s association page – the page which is shown right after fills all required Workflow Association data i.e. Association name, Template, etc. This page can be created from scratch and contain any custom logic it needs (check out the article). But there is a way to do create an InfoPath form for this purpose.

Design an InfoPath Form for Project Workflow Association

There is great article posted in MSDN how to create an InfoPath form to be shown in Association page. It can be found in When you are done with the development of your InfoPath form, please pay attention to the digital signing and publishing instructions. There is a note in the article: “Do not specify an alternative path to the form. Doing so causes an error that prevents you from publishing the form to the server”. This is very important note, so follow all the publishing steps mentioned in the article.

Deploy InfoPath form for Project Workflow Association

The instructions regarding deployment of InfoPath form for Project Workflow Association can be found in post. To get the value for Association_FormURN xml node you should check your InfoPath FormTemplate Properties->ID.
IMNPORTANT. If your InfoPath form has a code-behind class, than you should deploy both published .xsn and .dll files to the feature folder.